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The other day, after I wrote I had just passed my second dan exam I realised I probably have never ever in over three years spoken in here about kendo and the fact that I practise it. Well, today I won’t either but I decided to do a related warm up session with samurai and martial arts related doodles. I was happy enough about these for to throw some quick colour in and upload them.

In the mean time I’m working on some merchandising designs for the MCM. I’ll keep you posted. 🙂

Samurai doodles


I had the best of times in London at the Comic Con and I came back bursting with motivation. I met nice people there, had lots of fun and came back home empty handed cause folks, we sold everything! The Sherlock fanbook keeps selling like crazy and the Doctor Who fanbook couldn’t have had a brighter start. I really hope that everyone who brought one of them home has enjoyed them.

In between sales and walks to the toilet I had some time to doodle some Doctor Who fanarts and I even got to sell one of them! I was dwelling between sheer happiness and sincere amazement. Here are some of the doodles, including the one I sold, River Song’s one.


Me lo he pasado en grande en la Comic Con de Londres y he vuelto con las pilas cargadas y con mucha motivación. Conocí a gente interesante, me divertí muchísimo y, lo mejor de todo, volví a casa con la maleta vacía porque, si señores, ¥lo vendimos todo! El fanbook de Sherlock sigue arrasando y el de Doctor Who ha empezado con muy buen pie. Espero que todos los que se llevaran una copia a casa lo hayan disfrutado.

Entre venta y venta y descontando los paseillos al baño me dio tiempo de dibujar un poquitillo de nada. Hice, sobre todo, fan arts de Doctor Who y al final conseguí incluso vender uno de ellos, este asunto todavía me tiene en éxtasis. Aquí tenéis algunos de los dibujillos que hice, incluído el que vendí, el de River Song.

And this is how I celebrated.

This is, btw, a remake of an older sketch. Even if it’s not yet February, I couldn’t help comparing… *grin


The Metrosexual Wrestler.

Restless Wrestlers

Restless Wrestlers II

Sneak a Peak

Because Mexican Wrestlers are awesome.

I had this little pearl buried under lots of trash in my hard drive and I thought “Shame on you!”. So now, for the world to admire, The Restless Wrestlers as already featured in the 11th post of this blog, and which would have never seen the light without the help of Edo and Rui.


Oh my, it’s almost Wednesday and I’m uploading Monday’s post. I really need to catch up with the week, o:)

P.S. Okay, so I’ve noticed that Sunday’s post is actually uploaded when it was already Monday, so seems I’m all good in terms of timing.


Only two good things about Sundays are:

1. Sunday morning coffe.

2. That Sunday ends at some point of the day.

Have a nice week 🙂

Today it’s raining.

Once I was walking under the rain, all wet* and lonely, lost in Venice streets**, when a woman coming from behind offered to cover me with her umbrella and walk with me until we went different ways, and I think that’s the kind of thing that worths being remembered.

Keep it cool :o)

*Anyway, what are umbrellas good for?

**Maps are for sissies, and even without a map it takes skills to get lost in Venice 😀

The other day I heard in a brilliant talk by Benjamin Zadler that success is about how many pairs of shiny eyes you have around you. It made me think lots and draw some.

Benjamin Zadler on music and passion, @ TED2008

Adoration, criticism, insults and so on are extremely appreciated. Enjoy.


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