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Browsing through the most recent sketchbooks I sense a pattern: Victorian Ladies is my don’t-know-what-to-draw topic.


I haven’t had much time for the blog lately, or for internet, or for my doodle book.
Sometimes you relax your time management and then main obligations eat up your free time.

But I’ve signed up for a fanzine project for 2012, so there will be some drawing in the horizon.


I know this is very boring stuff to see. That’s why I don’t generally post much from my daily practice in here, because all the effort behind awesomeness has no glamour at all. But on the other hand, this is a blog about how I make it to pro level at drawing, so I better not be fooling you, and show you how it is I’m actually doing it.

After the first three people from the 50 people thing, it was already clear that the most dramatical mistakes in them were the legs. So it should be the first thing to improve before continuing with those 47 characters left. And here you have, 42 pairs of legs from this evening.

I, btw, hate. Feet. The. Most.

Right now I’m just so proud of myself that I had to share it…


Bets on who’s my choice for #3? Someone?

The 50×5 project

Penelope GarcĂ­a, BAU unit’s data analyst in Criminal Minds. Photoreference used, at least down to hips level, to try get close to Kirsten Vangsness’. Fail again 🙂

I’ve decided that I’ll make my 50 people fanarts. Photoreferences for all kind of complexions, races and ages are easier to find in shows and movies 🙂

You can find all the 50×5 project entries in the 50×5 category.

I’ve started a practice project that will most likely take me around half a year+ to complete (specially since I’m busy with my thesis project xDD). And I want to document it here, same way as I’m documenting, year after year my improvements in the “February’s Ororo posts” :) . All the images will link to deviantart, where I’ll be uploading all the entries concerning the project too.

Anyway, it has several phases, the first one being “50 people”. This is #1, and as I’m obsessed with Doctor Who…  :D

Photoreference was only used to get close to David Tennant’s face, with overwhelming failure xDD.

I’m already finding faults. But that’s what this is about. Getting better and then pro. :D

Because one is not born into Awesome. One grows into Awesome.



image image
image image
image image

Senshistock @ has a wonderful folder with foreshortening and perspective poses, which I’ve been using lately.

And this is how I celebrated.

This is, btw, a remake of an older sketch. Even if it’s not yet February, I couldn’t help comparing… *grin


Okay, enough laziness!
Here, some fast sketching from photo reference for my rusty hand to remember how to hold a pen.



… While the moment is right to finally reveal the next restless wrestler, which is not yet.

My roommate let me try his copic markers, and I went crazy with them. =D

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