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#3 is done, this one was a long one. Wichita (Emma Stone), from Zombieland!

In the finishing process the perspective didn’t come out so good. I can manage foreshortening now, in anatomy schemes and with strict follow up of photoreference.

In this case, photoreferences were all partial, like in, “how does one hold a weapon leaning it on his shoulder?”, “how do legs look like in this kind of poses?”, but I didn’t have anything for this particular pose with this particular angle. Plus, she, of course, doesn’t quite look like Emma Stone, I know. xDD

I’m quite satisfied anyway. This one was a challenge. So much to learn!

You can find the rest of the submissions for the 50 people project in the 50×5 category.


Je ne suis pas comme les autres.

Keep it cool 🙂

Today it’s raining.

Once I was walking under the rain, all wet* and lonely, lost in Venice streets**, when a woman coming from behind offered to cover me with her umbrella and walk with me until we went different ways, and I think that’s the kind of thing that worths being remembered.

Keep it cool :o)

*Anyway, what are umbrellas good for?

**Maps are for sissies, and even without a map it takes skills to get lost in Venice 😀

Life is like hiking, oh joy!

Keep it cool 😀

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After a long silence your humble weird yet cool illustrator aspirant can’t but offer very juicy material to make herself forgiven by her loyal readers. And… everybody likes wrestling.

Enjoy, and keep it cool! ;D

The other day I heard in a brilliant talk by Benjamin Zadler that success is about how many pairs of shiny eyes you have around you. It made me think lots and draw some.

Benjamin Zadler on music and passion, @ TED2008

Adoration, criticism, insults and so on are extremely appreciated. Enjoy.


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Maybe we need to re.evolve/t…

KiC ;D

Pencil sketches for the 13th week:

As always, all input, insights, insults and signs of adoration are very welcome. 🙂

Keep it cool BD

Back home in Malmö, jet lag and cold weather are preventing me from spending a lot of time outdoors. Here there is my living room, seen from the sofa. A3, permanent marker, 10 mins.

I’m going to make this month the landscapes and backgrounds sketching month. Deal?

All input, insights, insults and signs of adoration are very welcome. 🙂

Keep it cool.

I was on vacation, yes. I was on a study trip, absolutely. But that didn’t prevent me from practising towards my goal.

I lack speed when drawing, and I’m not very good at landscaping. Those two are my targets for improval in the short run, so my practise during my time in the Philippines was focused on quick (2-4 mins) ink landscape sketches. Here goes a selection from Manila, Alona Beach and Batad:

All input, insights, insults and signs of adoration are very welcome. 🙂

Keep it cool 😉

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