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That’s all, folks! The last two workshops with the people from the Egmont Creative Center were in September and November. It was sad in a way, cause the whole experience has been super fun and very intense and it is a shame that it is over. We have had these art monsters teaching us about the industry and comic art, it’s been mindblowing and I can see by looking at the drawings from before and after that I have grown and learnt and improved a great deal.

Now that I remember the long Christmas nights preparing portfolio pieces I am convinced that it was all 100% worth it.

I have nothing spectacular to show from the last two workshops as we mostly worked on polishing everything else we had already been through until the summer. We also did some inking and planned the visual narrative for the final assignment, from which you can see bits below.

Meditation Meditation 2

I wrote a gag about how Donald tries to do some yoga for self-improvement. Just go figure how that goes. On the left you can see the main idea for the cover. For some reason, drawing Donald with that huge guru turban is something I’ve been wanting to do.

Now that the final assignment is due a final evaluation is coming where they will tell us if the progression through the year has been good enough to get to the level they are looking for in new artists and if not, what is left to improveo to get there. I am excited about that meeting in either way.


Hello everybody!

I’m back, I’m an architect, I’m well and have rested more than enough over the past month after presenting my final project. So it is about time I get back to work. I’ve put some Disney Egmont course’s material together for your eyes only. You will notice almost everything is quite unfinished. We work at crazy pace so most of the time I just pray for my stuff to be understood. XDD
Explanations for the exercises are provided in each image’s description.

¡Hola a todos!

He vuelto, estoy licenciada, estoy fantásticamente y me he pasado un mes entero descansando después de presentar el proyecto, así que creo que ya iba siendo hora de volver a las andadas. He aquí material vario de los dos primeros talleres intensivos del curso de cómic Disney sólo para vosotros, mis fieles seguidores (y también para los infieles que me ponéis los cuernos, me encantan los cuernos, muy mori). Observaréis que casi todo tiene un acabado bastante penoso. En los workshops trabajamos a matacaballo y casi todo el tiempo simplemente voy rezando para que se entiendan los dibujos y no me tenga que comer el comentario de “Si me lo tienes que explicar de palabra es que no está bien” que pese a ser merecido, fastidia. XDD
Las explicaciones de los ejercicios se encuentran en la descripción de cada imagen.

Coming soon/ Próximamente:

– Doctor Who fanbook collaboration and trip to MCM London comicon ’13

– Continuing the superheroes battle, #8


Well, the Disney course started last week so I thought I’d drop a couple of lines about the first days learning the Disney comics ways.

The course is split in a series of intensive workshops, which I appreciate since I still have my final project to wrap up and finish and having to attend regular classes would really mess my schedule up. It was a very intense, heavily packed experience of enterprise profiling, tradition communicating, drawing master classes and high speed storytelling and Donald Duck drawing exercises, corrections included.

The level of awesome of the guys standing in front of us and sharing all the secrets of the craft is mindblowing, guys. And they’re communicative and open and don’t seem willing to keep a single thing to themselves, which I very much appreciate.

They insisted a lot in everything having to do with the expressivity and dynamism in the poses of the characters to reinforced gags and feelings througout the stories, in the direction of the reading in the storytelling, on how to use perspective to the advantage of the script and in the importance of tracing and copying from references to educate our hand in mastering not only Disney characters, but anything and everything we want to learn how to draw (dear me, I do think that’s a good advice, you can set me on fire).

I enjoyed the workshop thoroughly and I feel I’ve already learnt a lot already and my thought of being in a place where I can push my skills forward are now reinforced.

Enough rambling! Any doubts?

I btw do realise that the two languages blog is not working too well when the posts get long (which has been happening more and more lately. Damnit, wasn’t this a comic and illustration blog?!).

Only three days left for this year’s checkpoint, so excited! See you February the 1st 🙂

to let you all know that today I had my portfolio review with the art director of Egmont creative and on top of getting really good feedback, I got into the Disney comic course I wrote about in my last post. I’m really happy right now. *grin

Classes start on Monday! Step by step, I’m getting closer to the resolution that made me start this blog.

Solamente quería escribir unas líneas para contaros que esta mañana he tenido mi revisión de portafolio con el director de arte de Egmont creative y que me han seleccionado para el curso de cómic Disney que van a llevar a cabo en conjunto con la Escola Joso durante este año, asunto del que ya hablé en mi último post. Estoy super contenta *grin

¡Las clases empiezan el Lunes! Pasito a pasito, cada vez más cerca de mis aspiraciones.

We are getting closer to February, by the way, and we all know that means Checkpoint! Aren’t you guys longing to see Ororo again? I am.

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