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Am I the only one who feels it’ll be Christmas by next week by the pace the year is advancing at? March, Epic Month by the way, although I was sort of in stealth mode, sorry about that. Suddenly I was buried in a mountain of work I couldn’t really say much about, but now it’s done I think I can at least talk about it a little.

I also took my second dan examination (successfuly!) and was in Barcelona for a short while, cause I had The Egmont-Disney Meeting, which I will talk to you about not today but soon-ish, just because I’m such a tease. :o).


So yeah, March, Epic Month. Let’s break this down.- Said Jack the Reaper.

– Around December a friend brought me in contact with and they gave me the opportunity to be in charge of the art of one of their next boardgames, one about ninja factions’ fights, awesome! During February and March I’ve been working on the art for the board, the cards and the counters of the game and The house of the flying blades and it’s expansion pack, The temple of the flying blades is now in production. I. Am. So. Excited.

Down here you can see some of the sketches I did when planning the content of the cards and a basic colour comp for the board. Bear in mind, these are not final pieces.

– Also between February and March I have worked in a map for a LARP/RPG related project commissioned by a writer. The map hasn’t been shown up yet but I thought I’d share some of the elements I composed into it. I worked the map and the elements surrounding it traditionally and in separate sheets and then composed it afterwards in Photoshop. What you can see here are some of the ink and watercolour drawings, more specifically the ones of the monsters that framed the world and relate to the mythology of the world I was mapping. This commission sky rocketed me out of my comfort zone and for that I am grateful that I decided to take it. I hope I will be able to show the entire thing soon.

– Last but not least, let me tell you about Crashed Asteroid, a project I have in common with Bamidala. A few months ago we got together and brought in some friends to put together a 92 full colour pages anthology of comics and illustrations tributing Jules Verne, one of the fathers of science fiction and steampunk. We have a table lined up at the comic village for the London’s MCM in May, where we will be first selling it. Being in charge of a book has been a great experience but so time consuming if you consider that we were contributing pages to it as well as managing everything. About my contribution, let me tell you it is seven pages long, full colour and displays a coming of age type story related to Verne-esque trips. Here I experimented in every aspect possible: style, finishing, colour and process. I spent an average of two days per page and I executed it almost entirely while listening to “Space Oddity” in replay. For now, I’d like to introduce you the ilustrious members of the Verne Society:

I hope you have enjoyed this catch up post. See you around for an update on The Egmont-Disney Meeting, all kinds of information and previews concerning Crashed Asteroid’s first publication and more.

Have a fantastic weekend!


Hola everybody, you may have noticed that there have not been new superheroes loading for the battle or any activity at all in the blog. Sorry about that, I should really have gotten back to you all way earlier.

First of all, I do hope you all enjoyed the 2002 post, it felt like magic having that material come back to my e-mail out of the blue and after so many years. The whole Asgard bless Oscar for keeping that crap in some obscure cd.

And secondly, I didn’t quit the superheroe battle, Professor X will have a match for the battle that’ll make him and Santi cry like babies. I’m as well, waiting for some Disney workshop’s material to be handed back to me so I can upload it all in here.

But none of these will happen before I’m graduated. It’s only 21 days now until I face the monster and put an end to it all. So wish me luck and please, bear with me. I will be back.

I love you! ❤

¡Hola gente!

Quizás habréis notado la ausencia de nuevas actualizaciones de la batalla de superhéroes o de alguno de los otros posts que prometí. Perdonadme por esto, tendría que haber escrito este post hace tiempo.

Primero de todo, espero que disfrutarais del post de 2002, para mi fue mágico ver todas esas joyitas volver a mi once años después. Óscar, que el Asgard entero te bendiga por guardar porquería adolescente de tus ahijados en obscuros cd’s. 🙂

Segundo, pero no por ello menos importante, no me he retirado de la batalla de supers. El Profesor X se encontrará con un contrincante que hará llorar tanto a él como a Santi como si fueran niñas de parvulario. Estoy también esperando a que me devuelvan material de los workshops de Disney para subirlo todo junto en un post para enseñaros lo que estamos haciendo.

Pero nada de esto sucederá antes de que me licencie. En 21 días me enfrento a mi monstruo particular y todo acabará, esperemos. Así que, por favor, deseadme suerte y sed pacientes conmigo. ¡Volveré!

Os quiero ❤


Well, the Disney course started last week so I thought I’d drop a couple of lines about the first days learning the Disney comics ways.

The course is split in a series of intensive workshops, which I appreciate since I still have my final project to wrap up and finish and having to attend regular classes would really mess my schedule up. It was a very intense, heavily packed experience of enterprise profiling, tradition communicating, drawing master classes and high speed storytelling and Donald Duck drawing exercises, corrections included.

The level of awesome of the guys standing in front of us and sharing all the secrets of the craft is mindblowing, guys. And they’re communicative and open and don’t seem willing to keep a single thing to themselves, which I very much appreciate.

They insisted a lot in everything having to do with the expressivity and dynamism in the poses of the characters to reinforced gags and feelings througout the stories, in the direction of the reading in the storytelling, on how to use perspective to the advantage of the script and in the importance of tracing and copying from references to educate our hand in mastering not only Disney characters, but anything and everything we want to learn how to draw (dear me, I do think that’s a good advice, you can set me on fire).

I enjoyed the workshop thoroughly and I feel I’ve already learnt a lot already and my thought of being in a place where I can push my skills forward are now reinforced.

Enough rambling! Any doubts?

I btw do realise that the two languages blog is not working too well when the posts get long (which has been happening more and more lately. Damnit, wasn’t this a comic and illustration blog?!).

Only three days left for this year’s checkpoint, so excited! See you February the 1st 🙂

By Austin Kleon. Click on the image to go to his work.

Happy 2013 everybody. Shame on me, I confess I let the first 10 days of the year pass on purpose, because I wasn’t feeling like doing a “2012 retrospective” (2012 sucked, why remember it?) and my purpose for 2013 is the same as it was three years ago, when this blog started.

By Santiagu’s recommendation, the first book I’ve read this year has been “Steal like an artist” by Austin Kleon and the image above was in it. I found it really inspiring and I wish I had stumbled upon that altered sign two years ago because back then I gave up all my longings. I thought it would be the fastest way to finish my final project and to graduate from college. I thought that would be the best for my longings in the long run. The result, however, was that two years and a big depression later I’m still trying to graduate. I’ve lived with the feeling that I’ve given up everything for this project and the project wasn’t giving me anything back. My attitude prevented me from moving forward, I only wanted to quit and whenever I would talk to people “How are you?” would turn into “How is your project?”. Besides, everybody pretty much agreed that I should do “Whatever it takes to graduate” meaning “You need to sacrifice everything else”. The social pressure adding to the academic pressure, family pressure and my own pressure. I stopped training, I stopped going down to the gym, I stopped taking my morning walks, I stopped doing laundry. It was getting kind of ridiculous, right?

Two months ago an announcement coming from the school where I attended comic art classes shook my world. They were preparing a kick ass course together with a big Disney comics publisher starting January 2013 and passing a portfolio review was required to get in.

For some reason the news broke hell loose. I tried to convince myself that I didn’t want it but I failed. I didn’t have a decent portfolio to show so I’d have to develop one in the next two months at the same time that the deadline for my final project’s presentation was approaching fast. Who would be able to understand such a move as “One month before my project’s final review I’m going to give 50% of my attention to another time-consuming creative project in a tight deadline.”? Nobody, surely. I felt lonely.

And then I called home, tears running copiously down my cheeks. This might sound childish, as I’m well into my 27th year on earth but I felt like a lost five years old. You can imagine that at this point my parents were, after two years of listening me break down through the phone, ready to give me certain dubious degree of support. That was in November.

So I had to be fast. I needed a portfolio and I got to engage a friend who works as an Art Director in an advertising agency to be my second critical pair of eyes. During November and December I alternated long project hours with long portfolio hours, the stress was incredible and at times I was wondering “Why the hell do I put myself through this?” but they say night is the darkest just before dawn. And truth is that suddenly my project’s unofficial status went from “Stuck and terribly boring” to “Ongoing and kind of interesting” and my relationship with my teachers and tutors from “Total disagreement” to “Agreeable consensus” while the portfolio was also “Ongoing” and my mood and attitude were “Improving”.

Now I’ve got my thesis jury’s seal of approval to the design part of the project and I just have to polish it for the final presentation, which will most likely take around one month and a half. On the other hand, next Tuesday I have my portfolio review for the Disney comic course so I’ll let you all know how that goes.

There’s still a lot of people who make remarks such as “But, shouldn’t you prioritise your graduation?”, “Why waste time with a portfolio?” , “You might as well not get in the course” and so on. I just wish I could make them understand. But also my mum told me two weeks ago in the phone “I just wish you would have started that portfolio two years ago”. With the help and support of some friends and my parents I have been brave enough to make this decission and truth is that I feel way better now that I’m not leaving my longings unattended anymore.

There’s a second moral to this story, btw: Fuck people, call mamma.

Thanks for reading.

The other night santiagu caught me off guard when he sent me some file named “fanart” through dropbox and told me “Maybe that will ring a bell”. When I opened it this is what I saw:

La otra noche santiagu me pilló desprevenida enviándome vía dropbox un .jpg llamado “fanart”, “A ver si te suena” me dijo. Cuando lo abrí me encontré con esto:

His awesome version of the two characters involved in Wallflower! He says it’s not finished but I just couldn’t wait any longer. It’s a lovely personification of the girls and he managed somehow to nail it with the colours even though the comic is B/W. Go give the boy himself some love in his blog now!

¡Su genial versión de las protagonistas de Wallflower! Aunque el dice que no está terminado he tenido que colgarlo, no podía esperar. Me encanta como quedan las chicas en su estilo y además ha conseguido misteriosamente dar en el clavo con los colores a pesar de que el cómic está en B/N. Id a mostrarle un poquito de aprecio a su blog, ¡aaahora!

About the bilingual blog rant, I’ve been resisting this for almost three years cause I dislike having posts written in two languages all the time. I think it causes a bit of confusion and the tags part is real trouble but ever since wordpress started showing visit rates per country and I realised at least 33% of my traffic comes from spanish speaking countries I have decided that having a bilingual blog is less time consuming, less confusing and a better option than anything else at least until I can figure out how to get a language change button option or think of something else. Until then, a bilingual blog shall this one be.

En cuanto a lo del blog bilingüe, es algo a lo que me he resistido durante casi los tres años de existencia de este blog. No me gustaba la idea de publicar posts en dos idiomas distintos y además cuando llegamos al asunto de las etiquetas bilingües ya se vuelve una locura de cara a la gestión. Pero desde que wordpress muestra los ratios de visitas por país me he dado cuenta de que al menos el 33% de mi tráfico proviene de países en que se habla en castellano y la verdad es que un blog bilingüe es a día de hoy la opción que menos tiempo y confusiones me supone, al menos hasta que encuentre una solución mejor. Hasta entonces este blog será bilingüe.

I think this is the most I’ve ever written in this blog. Ever. xD // Creo que este post tiene el récord de número de palabras del blog con diferencia. xD

This is something we all know. At least theoretically. We all know finishing what you start is vital, it’s comforting, is engaging and bursts self worth. But it’s not the same knowing it and experimenting it because it is so easy to never finish anything we start. For many, if not for all, it’s a matter of whatever we’re starting not coming out as good as we wanted it to be because of the gap between our imagination and our actual skills. And still it’s the most important that we finish what we start, because it is when our work is finished that we can decide what we’re doing right and what we’re doing wrong.

I recently finished two illustrations and a comic script for a fanzine and I’m already hating what I did, but at the same time I’m so proud I did finish and now I can see where I’m doing mistakes. If I had never finished them, I wouldn’t know I need to find better narrative resources and rythms, that my dialogues are terrible and that everything I do looks better before colour/inking.

I encourage you all to finish what you’ve started and be proud you did so. And then, forget about it and start something new and finish it and so on. Cause that is already one big level up on the way to close the gap between your imagination and the results of your work.

And, this is the sketch for the next piece I’m going to be working on during thesis work breaks.

While I’m working on a “Versatile Bloggers Award” post to thank for the one I’ve been given recently (which I’m super happy about) and follow the tasks that come with being nominated, I thought I’d drop by to remind you that it is almost *that* time of the year again, the one in which I draw Ororo and compare it to the past year’s Ororo and I get all cheerful about getting better. This means I’ll have been able to carry on with this blog for two years now.

For the record, in the past year I increased in a 200% the number of posts compared to the year before, it got almost three times as many visits as in the first year of life of the blog and the subscriptions boosted. Thanks to you all for reading, my appreciation for you taking the time to look in here is infinite!

Meh, I just realised. Saturday Night Blogging…

I have recently changed my old and dysfunctional phone for a new one, and provided the times we are living, I decided to go for a smartphone.

Something I hadn’t realized until I already had it in my hands was that I have been missing compact camera that I can have with me ask the time. My digital reflex one is a burden to carry around in a normal day.

But the phone has provided me that other, everyday camera as well as it gives me the opportunity to share them instantly, while still fresh, so I have started a parallel blog, one that wants to be an images and inspiration pool as well as a visual diary.

You will find it in here: Weird yet cool, the visual diary.

I hope you enjoy it =)


Sneak a peek on what’s coming next in this, my humble digital home.

It works best under the #mexican and #wrestler categories =)

Previously, on Weirdyetcool’s Mexican Wrestling Ring:

Restless Wrestlers

 Restless Wrestlers #2

Today I had to go to the pharmacy as I needed to buy instant cold bags. Instant cold bags are the shit. I have recently discovered it as I injured my arm and thought it would be fun to keep on rising the rhythm and intensity of the trainings for three months before getting it checked, why not?

As I walked back home, which I was doing fast due to the strong sunlight of the late afternoon, a sweet old man stopped me, calling my attention out loud. I obviously thought “what have I done now?”*.
Lucky me, I had done nothing this time, but walk at a light and fast pace, which the old man had noticed as he walked slowly in the opposite direction, leaning on a cane.

He offered me a deal, my feet for his and considering I’m spending the weekend doing oikomis and kakarigeikos I had to decline. I hope everybody understands.

I’m an optimist, blogging Friday night. Good weekend everybody 🙂

* You might not know this, but I have this use to, well, do stuff. Sometimes I don’t even notice it as I’m doing it, and no, it is not necessarily good.

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