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The other day, after I wrote I had just passed my second dan exam I realised I probably have never ever in over three years spoken in here about kendo and the fact that I practise it. Well, today I won’t either but I decided to do a related warm up session with samurai and martial arts related doodles. I was happy enough about these for to throw some quick colour in and upload them.

In the mean time I’m working on some merchandising designs for the MCM. I’ll keep you posted. ūüôā

Samurai doodles


Hello everybody!

I’m back, I’m an architect, I’m well and have rested more than enough over the past month after presenting my final project. So it is about time I get back to work. I’ve put some Disney Egmont course’s material together for your eyes only. You will notice almost everything is quite unfinished. We work at crazy pace so most of the time I just pray for my stuff to be understood. XDD
Explanations for the exercises are provided in each image’s description.

¬°Hola a todos!

He vuelto, estoy licenciada, estoy fant√°sticamente y me he pasado un mes entero descansando despu√©s de presentar el proyecto, as√≠ que creo que ya iba siendo hora de volver a las andadas. He aqu√≠ material vario de los dos primeros talleres intensivos del curso de c√≥mic Disney s√≥lo para vosotros, mis fieles seguidores (y tambi√©n para los infieles que me pon√©is los cuernos, me encantan los cuernos, muy mori). Observar√©is que casi todo tiene un acabado bastante penoso. En los workshops trabajamos a matacaballo y casi todo el tiempo simplemente voy rezando para que se entiendan los dibujos y no me tenga que comer el comentario de “Si me lo tienes que explicar de palabra es que no est√° bien” que pese a ser merecido, fastidia. XDD
Las explicaciones de los ejercicios se encuentran en la descripción de cada imagen.

Coming soon/ Próximamente:

– Doctor Who fanbook collaboration and trip to MCM London comicon ’13

– Continuing the superheroes battle, #8

Esta semana el workshop de Disney ha interrumpido la constancia de la batalla de superh√©roes. Mientras recupero tiempo y encuentro un rato para garabatear algo contra el Profesor X y, de paso, os cuento qu√© tal fue el workshop, os dejo aqu√≠ el portafolio tal y como lo ense√Ī√© en la revisi√≥n que me meti√≥ en el curso de Disney. Casi todo son cosas que ya habr√©is visto si me segu√≠s con cierta regularidad pero incluso en ese caso encontrar√©is alguna sorpresilla.

The superheroes battle has been discontinued this week due to the Disney workshop. While I find time to catch up and draw someone to fight against Professor X and, why not, talk to you a bit about the workshop itself, I’m leaving here for your eyes only my portofolio as it was in January for the review for the Disney course. If you’re a more or less constant follower you’ll have seen almost everything by this time but even if that is the case there are some things won’t have seen yet.

Earlier this week Santi went all pulp choosing the Man-Thing against my Swamp Thing. Perfect excuse for finally making the Delirium fanart I’ve been wanting to do for ages. Cause, imagine poor Man-Thing and his highly empatic neuronal net against the burst of incoherent feelings that is Delirium. Teehee.
On top of that, I think we were getting short of girls, cause even if you call the Swamp Thing and Man-Thing things, they’re still male based things.

For this post and specific piece I took lots of inspiration (face and neck position and hair) from an illustration by Joshua Middleton. I deeply admire this guy beyond reason and I fell in love with the delicacy of his Delirium commission from Wondercon the minute I saw it.

I twisted the expression a bit and completely changed the pose.

Delirium of The Endless

So, up to Santi finding something that can defeat her. I know who I’d go for, but only for laughs, but we’ll see what he does.

Also, from now on you can find the list of all the previous rounds in the Battle Time! tag at the top right side of the main page, next to About.

No, todavía no nos hemos aburrido de dibujar superhéroes. Esta semana Santi sacó a Aquaman contra la Antorcha Humana y hoy contraataco con, ni más ni menos que La Cosa del Pantano. Para quienes no lo sepan la Cosa del pantano es más bien una conciencia incorpórea que puede trasplantarse a cualquier ser vivo vegetal. Eso hace que los ataques físicos sirvan de poco contra ello y hace que mole mucho. 

Sigo insistiendo en el speed-painting. Hay partes de Swampy que me dan esperanzas de cara al futuro.

¬°Cuidado Aquaman, que vamos a por ti!

Nope, we’re not yet bored of the superhero game. Earlier this week Santi pulled Aquaman against the Human Torch and today I’m getting back at him with the Swamp Thing. The Swamp Thing, sweet little creature, is more of a bodyless consciousness that can trasplant itself into any vegetal lifeform. He is therefore super cool and almost invulnerable to physical attacks.

I keep insisting in painting. I think I might be starting to figure out how to do it. Some pieces of Swampy give me hope for the future.

Watch your back, Aquaman!

Swamp Thing LowRes

In previous rounds of the Battle:

#1 Jubilee

#2 The Human Torch


Hello folks!

So friend and kickass artist Santi and I teamed up for a collaborative just-for-fun superhero drawing battle. The rules are simple:

1. We have 3-4 (or more xD) days to draw the superhero that we think would win the last superhero the other drew.

2. All works: all publishers, all universes.

3. The game goes on until we’re bored or there are no more superheroes left that we can recall of. No repeating!

Santi started last week with Jubilee. And I say… “Human Torch! I choose you!” (Cause this is pretty much like pokemon xD)

Human Torch Lalala peq

For reasons that are impossible for me to articulate it got into my head that this was the best moment to start trying speed painting even if my brain kept on telling me “You don’t actually know how to paint”. Well… guess I had to start some time, right? Just ignore the flames… I was like… “this was going to be speed painting! I’m over this.”

Tell us what you think. Who would win this battle, Jubilee or Johnny?

Previous battle entries:
#1. Jubilee

If you dare cross this threshold, be aware that indescribable horrors with unutterable names await in the stygian darkness, furtive creatures from beyond all the known stars. Expect only madness and despair ahead… in Disney style!

What can I say, people? I’m exhausted. This has been a 40+ hours labour divided among the sleeping time of the past week and a half. And it feels good to show it to the world. We can easily say that this is what my mind looks like. It is, after all, built up from all my major obsessions in life.

Horrores innombrables acechan en la oscuridad impenetrable del mundo, provocando en quienes los contemplan solo desesperaci√≥n y locura… ¬°con estilo Disney!¬†

Tras m√°s de cuarenta horas de trabajo sacadas todas de mis horas de sue√Īo de la √ļltima semana y media puedo ense√Īaros por fin algo que es muy personal para mi, ya que proviene de la larga incubaci√≥n de mis principales obsesiones en la vida:

1. Giant Octopuses/Pulpos gigantes
2. Victorian fashion/Moda victoriana
3. Steel greenhouses from the XVIII and XIX century/Invernaderos de acero del S.XVIII y XIX
4. Jumanji
5. German expressionism/Expresionismo alem√°n
6. Piranesi’s engravings/Los grabados de Piranesi
7. H.P. Lovecraft
8. The heart of Darkness/El corazón de las tinieblas

The attack of the accursed octopus of doom and madness

Enjoy & share! ¬°Disfrutad y compartid!

Next illustration's preview

What are these two poor souls running from? They certainly look scared. ]:)

Also, first attempt to a more “disney” kind of drawing. The girl came out a bit too Barbucci s:

I honestly think Mooonrise Kingdom is the best of the movies by Wes Anderson so far, it enchanted me ever since I watched the trailer.
Me encanta Moonrise Kingdom, no me canso de verla. Creo honestamente que es la mejor película de Wes Anderson hasta el momento. Me enamoró perdidamente desde que vi el tráiler. 

Edit:¬†I knew it wasn’t working the way I coloured it. I suck at colour. But a good friend smacked me hard on the face and told me to man up and fix it and make it less horrible. So here it is, fixed.

Desde el principio he sido consciente de que el color no estaba funcionando en esta ilustración pero no sabía muy bien como arreglarlo. Mi amiga Berta vino al rescate y me echó la bronca a base de bien para que lo arreglara y helo aquí, arreglado.

Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom fan art

Suzy and Sam are planning how to get into lots of trouble. I shake hands with them for that.

Click on the image to access the .cbr file

Why? Did you like it? Share it! Scroll down and you’ll find multiple options for doing so ūüôā //¬ŅTe ha gustado? ¬ŅPor qu√© no lo compartes? Al final del post encontrar√°s varias opciones para difundir el post. ūüôā

What? The cbr extension doesn’t work for you? That’s okay, I uploaded it to DeviantART too. //¬†¬ŅQue no tienes un software para leer cbr o una plataforma que lo soporte? Que no cunda el p√°nico, tambi√©n lo he subido a DeviantART.


Well, the manga convention weekend here in Barcelona was pretty intense and I had lots of fun meeting good old friends. I’ll talk about these days in a different post at the end of this week, when everything’s more settle down. Now I just want to drop a few lines to let you know that I decided to make Wallflower downloadable in cbr format so you all should be able to access this file with any electronical device and a software that reads the comic book reader format. Just click on the image and download it. Also, spread the word, share it, copy it, resend it, just don’t try to make money out of it, it’s not meant for that! I just want this little child of mine to reach as much people as possible and be seen. And remember, the printed version can be found in 2012’s Lis en Fleur fanzine¬†along with some amazing works by up to twenty talented artists.

Bueno, ya se ha acabado el sal√≥n, que ha sido muy intenso y divertido. Hablar√© de eso al final de la semana porque ahora mismo estoy bastante liada. Solo quer√≠a postear algo r√°pido para invitaros ¬†todos a descargaros la versi√≥n digital de “Wallflower” haciendo click en la imagen. El archivo puede visualizarse desde cualquier soporte electr√≥nico con un software que lea la extensi√≥n de archivo .cbr. Os remito a Google o la tienda de apps de vuestros smartphones (seguro que hay alg√ļn lector gratuito ūüôā ). Si os gusta, compartidlo y extendedlo, a lo √ļnico que aspiro con estas modestas seis p√°ginas es a que las vea cuanta m√°s gente mejor. Por favor, no intent√©is hacerlo pasar por vuestro o sacar dinero con el, ¬°no est√° hecho para eso! Recordad que pod√©is encontrar la versi√≥n impresa en el fanzine Lis en Fleur¬†de este a√Īo, junto con los trabajos de otras 19 artistazas.

Haters gonna hate but just in case let me warn you that if you, for some reason, dislike LGB stories you are not going to like this one and I strongly recommend that you don’t insist on reading it. This is non-explicit material. Thank you. ^^ //¬†Quiero aprovechar para advertir desde ya que si hay alguien con prejuicios hacia las historias de tem√°tica LGB probablemente se sienta ofendido por esta historia, muy a mi pesar. Por favor, si tienes esta clase de prejuicios, ignora este post y no descargues las p√°ginas, s√≥lo conseguir√°s incomodarte innecesariamente. Est√°s avisad@. No contiene material expl√≠cito. Gracias. ^^

Edit: Remember that santiagu made an awesome depiction of the girls a couple of weeks ago. Ace stuff.

Solo recordaros que santiagu dibujó su genial versión de las chicas de Wallflower hace un par de semanas.

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