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The other day, after I wrote I had just passed my second dan exam I realised I probably have never ever in over three years spoken in here about kendo and the fact that I practise it. Well, today I won’t either but I decided to do a related warm up session with samurai and martial arts related doodles. I was happy enough about these for to throw some quick colour in and upload them.

In the mean time I’m working on some merchandising designs for the MCM. I’ll keep you posted. 🙂

Samurai doodles


Practice practice


I always try to start the day with a few poses, especially if I am going to be drawing for a while, just to warm up. It is a fast exercise, the poses are tiny and I just try and make them dynamic. As you can see, I don’t always succeed but I can see an improvement from week to week in that area. The purpose of making them small is not to feel tempted to add much detail and to produce a lot of them fast.

Do you have an exercise that you recommend as warm up before getting serious?

Siempre intento empezar las sesiones de dibujo con una tanda rápida de poses. Las hago en pequeñito para evitar la tentación de perderme en los detalles e intento que sean lo más dinámicas posible. A veces es frustrante porque no consigues plasmar el movimiento que tienes en la cabeza pero poco a poco se va mejorando en eso.

¿Hay algún ejercicio que usas para calentar motores antes de meterte de lleno en la tarea del día?


I’m sorry I’ve been neglecting you. I’m not having much time for drawing or updating the blog lately. I’m trying to keep focus on my thesis so I can graduate by July.

I’m anyway managing to find some time for my long-term project. I’ve been studying script-writing books during the whole winter and been trying to put together what I’ve learned in these past months in some actual scripts.

I’m also going to be part of a BBC Sherlock’s Fan Book which will be launched at the end of May. The director of the fanzine will be selling it in London at the MCM. It is the first time I’m joining a fanzine, so I’m super excited. More specifically, I’m contributing a 10 pages comic script for my ex-flatmate to draw (cause honestly, thesis. No time for drawing 10 pages in the next three months, even less in the past three weeks), the front and back pages for that same story within the book and an illustration. That sketch up there is a sneak-peak from that illustration and it’s all I can show. What do Sherlock and Cabaret have in common, shall be revealed in the book. 🙂

Some practice. I love the aesthetics of the Japanese drums playing.




I haven’t had much time for the blog lately, or for internet, or for my doodle book.
Sometimes you relax your time management and then main obligations eat up your free time.

But I’ve signed up for a fanzine project for 2012, so there will be some drawing in the horizon.


I know this is very boring stuff to see. That’s why I don’t generally post much from my daily practice in here, because all the effort behind awesomeness has no glamour at all. But on the other hand, this is a blog about how I make it to pro level at drawing, so I better not be fooling you, and show you how it is I’m actually doing it.

After the first three people from the 50 people thing, it was already clear that the most dramatical mistakes in them were the legs. So it should be the first thing to improve before continuing with those 47 characters left. And here you have, 42 pairs of legs from this evening.

I, btw, hate. Feet. The. Most.

Because one is not born into Awesome. One grows into Awesome.



image image
image image
image image

Senshistock @ has a wonderful folder with foreshortening and perspective poses, which I’ve been using lately.

Okay, enough laziness!
Here, some fast sketching from photo reference for my rusty hand to remember how to hold a pen.


Pencil sketches for the 13th week:

As always, all input, insights, insults and signs of adoration are very welcome. 🙂

Keep it cool BD

Back home in Malmö, jet lag and cold weather are preventing me from spending a lot of time outdoors. Here there is my living room, seen from the sofa. A3, permanent marker, 10 mins.

I’m going to make this month the landscapes and backgrounds sketching month. Deal?

All input, insights, insults and signs of adoration are very welcome. 🙂

Keep it cool.

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