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Oh, hello! Do you remember me? I used to write a blog and all but then I graduated and considered myself on vacation and became extremely lazy.

One thing that stopped happening around here was the superheroe battle between Santi and me. It was all my fault. There has been a good side to the pause in a way and it is that I have been asked several times through the past months about the battle, that  has to be a good sign.

Santi’s been nagging me to post my goddamn hero so, here she is. Santi threw Professor Xavier into the ring and I don’t think he was imagining I’d hit back with Power Girl. The key element in here is deception. First Professor Xavier gets deceived, them smashed and thus, disappointed.

Santi suggested one of the Phoenix five, but that’s just not the way I roll.


¡Hola! ¿Os acordáis de mi? Solía escribir en este blog, pero entonces me licencié y me entró una pereza extrema.

Una de las cosas que dejaron de hacerse fue la batalla de superhéroes con Santi. Es mi culpa. Ha habido un lado bueno en la pausa y es que muchos me habéis preguntado por cómo iba la batalla y si habíamos parado o seguíamos, eso tiene que ser buena señal.

Y ahora, señoras y caballeros, después de cincuenta millones de pullitas por parte de Santi, aquí tenéis a Power Girl, lista para luchar contra Xavier. La clave en esta batalla es el subterfugio. El profesor primero es mezquinamente distraído, entonces aplastado y, en consecuencia, quizás algo decepcionado.

Power Girl


Earlier this week Santi went all pulp choosing the Man-Thing against my Swamp Thing. Perfect excuse for finally making the Delirium fanart I’ve been wanting to do for ages. Cause, imagine poor Man-Thing and his highly empatic neuronal net against the burst of incoherent feelings that is Delirium. Teehee.
On top of that, I think we were getting short of girls, cause even if you call the Swamp Thing and Man-Thing things, they’re still male based things.

For this post and specific piece I took lots of inspiration (face and neck position and hair) from an illustration by Joshua Middleton. I deeply admire this guy beyond reason and I fell in love with the delicacy of his Delirium commission from Wondercon the minute I saw it.

I twisted the expression a bit and completely changed the pose.

Delirium of The Endless

So, up to Santi finding something that can defeat her. I know who I’d go for, but only for laughs, but we’ll see what he does.

Also, from now on you can find the list of all the previous rounds in the Battle Time! tag at the top right side of the main page, next to About.

No, todavía no nos hemos aburrido de dibujar superhéroes. Esta semana Santi sacó a Aquaman contra la Antorcha Humana y hoy contraataco con, ni más ni menos que La Cosa del Pantano. Para quienes no lo sepan la Cosa del pantano es más bien una conciencia incorpórea que puede trasplantarse a cualquier ser vivo vegetal. Eso hace que los ataques físicos sirvan de poco contra ello y hace que mole mucho. 

Sigo insistiendo en el speed-painting. Hay partes de Swampy que me dan esperanzas de cara al futuro.

¡Cuidado Aquaman, que vamos a por ti!

Nope, we’re not yet bored of the superhero game. Earlier this week Santi pulled Aquaman against the Human Torch and today I’m getting back at him with the Swamp Thing. The Swamp Thing, sweet little creature, is more of a bodyless consciousness that can trasplant itself into any vegetal lifeform. He is therefore super cool and almost invulnerable to physical attacks.

I keep insisting in painting. I think I might be starting to figure out how to do it. Some pieces of Swampy give me hope for the future.

Watch your back, Aquaman!

Swamp Thing LowRes

In previous rounds of the Battle:

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#2 The Human Torch


Hello folks!

So friend and kickass artist Santi and I teamed up for a collaborative just-for-fun superhero drawing battle. The rules are simple:

1. We have 3-4 (or more xD) days to draw the superhero that we think would win the last superhero the other drew.

2. All works: all publishers, all universes.

3. The game goes on until we’re bored or there are no more superheroes left that we can recall of. No repeating!

Santi started last week with Jubilee. And I say… “Human Torch! I choose you!” (Cause this is pretty much like pokemon xD)

Human Torch Lalala peq

For reasons that are impossible for me to articulate it got into my head that this was the best moment to start trying speed painting even if my brain kept on telling me “You don’t actually know how to paint”. Well… guess I had to start some time, right? Just ignore the flames… I was like… “this was going to be speed painting! I’m over this.”

Tell us what you think. Who would win this battle, Jubilee or Johnny?

Previous battle entries:
#1. Jubilee

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