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#3 is done, this one was a long one. Wichita (Emma Stone), from Zombieland!

In the finishing process the perspective didn’t come out so good. I can manage foreshortening now, in anatomy schemes and with strict follow up of photoreference.

In this case, photoreferences were all partial, like in, “how does one hold a weapon leaning it on his shoulder?”, “how do legs look like in this kind of poses?”, but I didn’t have anything for this particular pose with this particular angle. Plus, she, of course, doesn’t quite look like Emma Stone, I know. xDD

I’m quite satisfied anyway. This one was a challenge. So much to learn!

You can find the rest of the submissions for the 50 people project in the 50×5 category.


Right now I’m just so proud of myself that I had to share it…


Bets on who’s my choice for #3? Someone?

The 50×5 project

Penelope GarcĂ­a, BAU unit’s data analyst in Criminal Minds. Photoreference used, at least down to hips level, to try get close to Kirsten Vangsness’. Fail again 🙂

I’ve decided that I’ll make my 50 people fanarts. Photoreferences for all kind of complexions, races and ages are easier to find in shows and movies 🙂

You can find all the 50×5 project entries in the 50×5 category.

I’ve started a practice project that will most likely take me around half a year+ to complete (specially since I’m busy with my thesis project xDD). And I want to document it here, same way as I’m documenting, year after year my improvements in the “February’s Ororo posts” :) . All the images will link to deviantart, where I’ll be uploading all the entries concerning the project too.

Anyway, it has several phases, the first one being “50 people”. This is #1, and as I’m obsessed with Doctor Who…  :D

Photoreference was only used to get close to David Tennant’s face, with overwhelming failure xDD.

I’m already finding faults. But that’s what this is about. Getting better and then pro. :D

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