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Hi, I’m Viole Rodrigo and this “About” section is under re-construction. :]



  1. Nice!. What words have you made up? Where do you post your photographs?
    ” I like zombies, sci-fi and fantasy. But I’m not a nerd”… eh… sure… 😉
    Again, nice list and description of yourself!

    • A 100.000 years later, I reply. Sorry, I’m quite outminded. There you can find some of my photographs. Don’t expect fantastic stuff. ^^

      • Hey you have some very interesting / strange / trippy / original pictures there. You should add some more pictures! Your pictures on architecture and nature are so cool!
        By the way, looking around at your drawings on D.A. I saw the steampunk one. I knew you HAD to be into steampunk! That drawing is fantastic (the one of the girl with goggles)

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