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Hey guys,

I’m about to take off, I’m travelling to London to spend the weekend at the MCM London Comic Con selling Sherlock and Doctor Who fanbooks which are made from collaborations from many different artists, all together passionate about both fandoms. The Sherlock fanbook is a reprint but the Doctor Who one has just been printed and I must say it is beautiful! There are so many talented artists in it, there’s even a double page traditional oil painting.

¡Me escapo el fin de semana en la MCM de Londres! Principalmente voy a vender fanbooks de Sherlock y Doctor Who junto a Alina, la jefaza que se carga al lomo la tarea de editar estas antologías colaborativas. De la de Sherlock ya os hablé pero tengo que decir que la de Doctor Who ha quedado increíble. Hay trabajos preciosos, con estilos muy variados y con mucho talento de todos los rincones del mundo.

I already talked about my collaboration to the Sherlock fanbook, but here’s a preview of the illustration I did for the DW one:

Doctor Who Illustration preview.

We are super excited to be there for the weekend. If you are around come say hello to the “Life in a Glasscase” stand.


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