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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Esta semana el workshop de Disney ha interrumpido la constancia de la batalla de superhéroes. Mientras recupero tiempo y encuentro un rato para garabatear algo contra el Profesor X y, de paso, os cuento qué tal fue el workshop, os dejo aquí el portafolio tal y como lo enseñé en la revisión que me metió en el curso de Disney. Casi todo son cosas que ya habréis visto si me seguís con cierta regularidad pero incluso en ese caso encontraréis alguna sorpresilla.

The superheroes battle has been discontinued this week due to the Disney workshop. While I find time to catch up and draw someone to fight against Professor X and, why not, talk to you a bit about the workshop itself, I’m leaving here for your eyes only my portofolio as it was in January for the review for the Disney course. If you’re a more or less constant follower you’ll have seen almost everything by this time but even if that is the case there are some things won’t have seen yet.


Todos tenemos un pasado, es un hecho. Buscando en el baúl de los recuerdos un amigo ha encontrado estas joyas milenarias… es casi arqueología, jajajaja. Están fechados en 2002 y creo que eso los hace del material más antiguo mío que existe. Son geniales, aparte de los topicazos, los interrogantes que se plantean en cuanto a dónde va cada cosa y como se sujetan algunas vestimentas. Creo que me voy a estar riendo una semana. ¡Disfrutad!

We all have a past, it’s pure fact. A friend gave me a huge surprise this evening when he emailed me these ancient jewels he dug up from an old cd. Ar-che-o-lo-gy. They being dated 2002 makes them probably the oldest stuff that has been preserved. They’re so cool, if one is ready to ignore some flaws and stop questioning how do the clothes keep their place. Gawd, I might never stop laughing. Enjoy!



The Universe, as depicted during a philosophy lection in high school. 2002

Young wolves

Kerish y Sail. Some characters having something to do with chat roleplaying. Good old times.


Sail, more roleplaying characters stuff.

Sail and Kerish

Again, Sail and Kerish, even more chat roleplaying stuff.

Earlier this week Santi went all pulp choosing the Man-Thing against my Swamp Thing. Perfect excuse for finally making the Delirium fanart I’ve been wanting to do for ages. Cause, imagine poor Man-Thing and his highly empatic neuronal net against the burst of incoherent feelings that is Delirium. Teehee.
On top of that, I think we were getting short of girls, cause even if you call the Swamp Thing and Man-Thing things, they’re still male based things.

For this post and specific piece I took lots of inspiration (face and neck position and hair) from an illustration by Joshua Middleton. I deeply admire this guy beyond reason and I fell in love with the delicacy of his Delirium commission from Wondercon the minute I saw it.

I twisted the expression a bit and completely changed the pose.

Delirium of The Endless

So, up to Santi finding something that can defeat her. I know who I’d go for, but only for laughs, but we’ll see what he does.

Also, from now on you can find the list of all the previous rounds in the Battle Time! tag at the top right side of the main page, next to About.

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