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This is something we all know. At least theoretically. We all know finishing what you start is vital, it’s comforting, is engaging and bursts self worth. But it’s not the same knowing it and experimenting it because it is so easy to never finish anything we start. For many, if not for all, it’s a matter of whatever we’re starting not coming out as good as we wanted it to be because of the gap between our imagination and our actual skills. And still it’s the most important that we finish what we start, because it is when our work is finished that we can decide what we’re doing right and what we’re doing wrong.

I recently finished two illustrations and a comic script for a fanzine and I’m already hating what I did, but at the same time I’m so proud I did finish and now I can see where I’m doing mistakes. If I had never finished them, I wouldn’t know I need to find better narrative resources and rythms, that my dialogues are terrible and that everything I do looks better before colour/inking.

I encourage you all to finish what you’ve started and be proud you did so. And then, forget about it and start something new and finish it and so on. Cause that is already one big level up on the way to close the gap between your imagination and the results of your work.

And, this is the sketch for the next piece I’m going to be working on during thesis work breaks.



  1. Buena reflexión. Las cosas siempre serán mejores en forma de idea, dentro de tu cabeza. Ya sea un proyecto, ya sea un dibujo, ya sea una conversación, en la vida real casi nunca llegan nunca al nivel de la idea. Pero el hecho de materializar algo, de darle cuerpo a la idea me parece increíble, aunque el resultado no sea perfecto.

    Te sientes satisfecha porque hay algo que existe gracias a ti, es algo que te pertenece, es algo que has querido hacer y has hecho. Aparte de lo que hayas creado, sientes que vives tu vida, que no eres sólo una víctima de las circunstancias, que dejas una huella y cambias una pequeñísima parte del todo. También sientes frustración porque no es perfecto, pero la vida es así, hay que aprender a lidiar con ello. No es aprender a perder, es aprender a hacer. A veces, cuando estoy frustrada, digo que para hacer lo que haya hecho mejor no hacer nada. Eso es mentira. Siempre es mejor hacer algo y, en el fondo, casi nunca me arrepiento de mis acciones.

    Qué pedante-filosófica que soy, oh yeah! Lo siento, me lo has puesto a huevo.

    • ¡Yo no estoy frustrada! Estoy super contenta de que lo hayamos acabado. Simplemente tomo nota de las cosas que tengo que mejorar. Acabar cosas es la mejor experiencia posible. Ya tengo ganas de tener el fanbook de Sherlock en las manos 😀

  2. I agree with your basic idea here – but I also think you shouldn’t be so crushingly strict against yourself. Sure thing, we ourselves are our own worst critics, and I know the feeling of looking at your own work, thinking “OMG, a 3-year-old could have done better than this!”, but remember that you are stricter on yourself than everybody else around you. Yup, you imagined something, made it, and it turned out different than, or not as good as, you originally planned. But still, don’t forget the time and effort you put into it! 🙂
    Big hug from Oslo!

    • Of course, the time and effort remain. And that’s the best part and what I meant with the last bit of the text. When you put the effort to finish what you start, the gap between imagination and reality gets automatically smaller because there’s already a BIG part of the work done. It is so easy to have a good idea or concept in mind, but that’s generally formless, it doesn’t really finish, hardly ever develops. It’s just a rock. Then you have to make the diamond, but if you give up half way you don’t really learn much about it.

      I agree that we’re generally our most terrible critics and that you must be satisfied with your own work. But you can’t be blind about your own flaws or you won’t progress. Of course I’m happy about my finished project, I’m so proud of it. 😀

      Thanks for your reflection! Hugs from Barcelona 😀

      • Then, my dear, you and me couldn’t agree more! 🙂

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