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Monthly Archives: March 2012

It is not that this is the week of motivational videos but really, this is just in case you feel it like I do feel, that you’re not quite there, that every piece of work is disappointing… Just work, work, work and fight your way through it.


Someone shared this on facebook and I thought I might just do it as well because I really loved what it says and the way it says it.
Please notice this video is NOT mine, I’m just sharing.

Two months ago I posted in here the pencil version of this illustration, featuring a three vanishing points view of a staircase which I’m still kind of proud of. With my thesis due (hopefully) in July, I don’t have much time for my dream lately, but I try to invest as much of my free time as possible into carrying on with it. I made several tryouts, with watercolours and painting digitally, but I finally decided to borrow my roommate‘s copic markers. I must thank her for that and for the input in the final stages.

Here there is my first finished illustration in a while. Enjoy! 🙂

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