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Penelope García, BAU unit’s data analyst in Criminal Minds. Photoreference used, at least down to hips level, to try get close to Kirsten Vangsness’. Fail again 🙂

I’ve decided that I’ll make my 50 people fanarts. Photoreferences for all kind of complexions, races and ages are easier to find in shows and movies 🙂

You can find all the 50×5 project entries in the 50×5 category.



  1. Cool sketch! The likeness was good enough that I recognized her without having read any of the page (including the name), so I wouldn’t call it a fail.

    Checking the box for email updates so I can see the rest of the challenge sketches when they’re up.

    • Thanks Don. I’m glad to read that, and glad you like it too!

      Thanks both for looking and following 🙂

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