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Monthly Archives: May 2011

So, the roll I shot the past week as a quick trial of the new camera I got just came out from the photolab, and here there’s the best of it. I messed up a bit, silly me forgot the ISO of the rolls when choosing where to shoot, so they came out a bit too dark. I’ve also found, already, a studio where I’m never coming back to develop my photos. I’ll have to keep on searching. =)

Special thanks to Marian, Nina, and Assassin’s Creed’s(tm) Ezzio Auditore(tm) for their patience modeling for me.


I think if not enough people are getting to know about this it’s because some people are afraid of you knowing, in case you find some inspirational thoughts in the movement:  The spanish revolution

The Metrosexual Wrestler.

Restless Wrestlers

Restless Wrestlers II

Sneak a Peak

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