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Today I had to go to the pharmacy as I needed to buy instant cold bags. Instant cold bags are the shit. I have recently discovered it as I injured my arm and thought it would be fun to keep on rising the rhythm and intensity of the trainings for three months before getting it checked, why not?

As I walked back home, which I was doing fast due to the strong sunlight of the late afternoon, a sweet old man stopped me, calling my attention out loud. I obviously thought “what have I done now?”*.
Lucky me, I had done nothing this time, but walk at a light and fast pace, which the old man had noticed as he walked slowly in the opposite direction, leaning on a cane.

He offered me a deal, my feet for his and considering I’m spending the weekend doing oikomis and kakarigeikos I had to decline. I hope everybody understands.

I’m an optimist, blogging Friday night. Good weekend everybody 🙂

* You might not know this, but I have this use to, well, do stuff. Sometimes I don’t even notice it as I’m doing it, and no, it is not necessarily good.


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