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Because Mexican Wrestlers are awesome.

I had this little pearl buried under lots of trash in my hard drive and I thought “Shame on you!”. So now, for the world to admire, The Restless Wrestlers as already featured in the 11th post of this blog, and which would have never seen the light without the help of Edo and Rui.



  1. Shame on you indeed! But the fault is remedied, you’re forgiven ^.^

    Love the green guy 😀

    • Maybe I should have replied in this one? xDD Well… in any case, follow the arrow for the reply.

  2. Btw, what pencil/crayon/whatevah have you used for the black lines? I’m trying and trying to guess 😛 And paper, what kind of paper? 🙂

    • 😀

      The black lining is done with a rechargeable ink-brush. Mine are from MUJI.
      The paper is Canson Ingres White, A3 size ^^

        • kendoflickan
        • Posted March 22, 2011 at 2:14 pm
        • Permalink

        Sweet! Such a pen sounds and the result looks like something I’d love to play around with but not be able to actually _do_ something with >.<

        Cool to see your illustrations, they're inspirational.

        • kendoflickan
        • Posted March 22, 2011 at 2:18 pm
        • Permalink

        I always thought illustrationists are so damn brave, because you have to dare to be wrong, so to speak. Mad proportions, squiggly lines and everything is ok – but still you have to do them appealing to the eye (and yet appealing doesn’t mean they can’t be “ugly”!). Very hard I think, I’ve never dared to go there myself 🙂 I like your work, I can see you being published in newspapers etc., if you haven’t already.

      • Wa, thanks *^^* What I find the most difficult is that sometimes is not that easy to express something understandable through drawing… I mean… I (almost) always understand the intentions of what I draw…

        Thanks for your comment, pushed my motivation up. No publishing for the moment. Hopefully I’ll get there soon 🙂

  3. Gambatteee!

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