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So it’s been this long, huh? Oops o:)

We’ve been running smooth and lazy for one year now! So it’s time for a check point.

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2010’s Ororo vs. 2011’s Ororo. You tell me, better? worse? same?

Come on! There’s candy for the brave! BD

Previous checkpoint (and first post ever of this blog!)



    • The Old Bear aka Sigurdr aka Daddy
    • Posted February 23, 2011 at 7:53 pm
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    Better my dear, ande va a parar?… Kisses

    • No, si a mi ya me parecía… pero siempre es mejor contrastar. Que el amor de madre nubla el espíritu crítico xDDD

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  1. […] want to document it here, same way as I’m documenting, year after year my improvements in the “February’s Ororo posts”  . All the images will link to deviantart, where I’ll be uploading all the entries […]

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