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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Today I walked along Nobelvägen all the way down to Ystadsgatan, and when I got there I turned right and walked until I got to Möllevångenstorget. There I turned left in Bergsgatan, and when I arrived to Södervarn I took Carl Gustavs vägen and walked in the direction of Pildammsparken.

Passing by Tandläkarhögskolan I tried to read such a name aloud and my tongue got into a knot. I almost chocked to death. Luckily the hospital was at the other side of the street so I survived the experience and could keep on with my peaceful Sunday walk(*).

In the park I walked around the lake, teasing the geese (other day I’ll digress on why it’s funnier to tease swans, anyway) chasing them and throwing them sticks, and one even got mad at me and chased me back, hissing and all.

When going back home, I decided to take a different way, because that’s more fun than walking always the same streets, and then, of course, I got lost. But it’s not that I got lost, because I knew exactly where I was all the time, as I was with myself. What I couldn’t tell was where the hell my home was according to my own position. So, to put it short, I lost my home. But, as Malmö is not that big, I ended up finding it after a while.

You are here

You are here

*Creative licenses might have been taken in order to improve the narrative rythm and style.

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Pencil sketches for the 13th week:

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