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Today, as part of the studio trip I joined in Manila, we visited a place that worths being mentioned:

That’s the Holy Spirit Barangay in Quezon City, and it worths being mentioned due to their successful Community-Based Solid Waste Management program.

Long story short, the barangay (quarter) has managed to turn the garbage that used to litter the streets into a fabulous and very sensible community project: They collect the garbage, separate it into reusable, recyclable and biodegradable, and they reuse, recycle into artisan crafts and make compost out of the respective groups.

Parallel to this project, the barangay runs the urban agriculture project.  They themselves implement some of the reusable waste into planting pots, and the most important, teach people in the barangay how to do their own compost, and how to grow their own food.

Now some fancy images, of my property and authory, which btw I happily share with you all and invite to use them under a Attribution-Non Commercial-Share Alike CCL 🙂

Now, my point, kind of easy. This community project is very smart because:

– Keeps the neighbourhood clean

– Instead of doing it as a money expense, they do it as an income generating activity through selling of the artisan crafts, but most important, by selling compost through provider-customer agreements with different public and private purchasers all around the country.

– They generate at least 80 work vacancies in the barangay in the garbage recolection, selection and reclycling process.

– They have an educational program for the people in the neighborhood.

This people have been brilliant enough to not try sell back the garbage (in form of compost) to the people who haven’t got the money to buy it, that’s it, the very poor squatter inhabitants of the barangay. Instead, the sales are focused on those ones who have money and need to buy in big amounts, which generates income and with it, the possibility of offering works and educational programs to the neighborhood, at the same time that they improve the atmosphere and health conditions. Win win.

As a general concept, business and community helping build each other and selling a product to the ones who can pay for it (and who can really make a difference in your bank account at the end of the month) and giving it for free to communities for whom it will make a difference, is what I’m going for with this little article.

Anyway, if you feel like reading a bit more about this particular project, you can read it from #this short article# published by TAO Pilipinas.

Keep it cool 😉


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