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How are you doing?

I’m Viole Rodrigo and I’m weird yet cool. As the subtitle of the blog prays, I’m going, from now on, to try get to make a living as a penciler/illustrator and if I don’t get there, I’ll always have the architecture degree I’m still struggling to get.

I’m a traveler and a student; I also have some ideas of how things should work and I’m willing to share with you all my tips for improving your drawing skills, as well as make you think some. For more personal information about me, there will be an “About the Author” coming soon.

Now I declared my intentions, I’d rather go into the main matter of interest. You might be thinking: “So you want to go pro… Show us your skills!”. There I go:

* The first image is from Oct. 2004, and it was my first day of a 4 years long illustration course I started just for fun. We were asked to draw a superheroe (I chose Ororo Munroe, Storm) before getting started, to help determine our level.

* The second one is from Jan. this year (2010). I remembered that assignment back in 2004, and decided to make a fast sketch, just so I could compare.

So now you’ve seen where I was and where I am, and if you keep tunned, you’ll see where I’ll be going next.

Keep it cool 😉

P.S. As I write this lines I happen to be a spanish student spending one year as a exchange student in southern Sweden spending one month in Manila (Philippines) for a studio trip, that can only be interesting!

Storm is (c) to Marvel Characters, Inc.



  1. Ei! No sabía que tenias un blog (de hecho ni que dibujabas… :o))

    Ya eres parte de mi lista de blocs a repasar diariamente!

    Un saludo!

  2. Ahí, ese Iru rompiendo el hielo, primero en comentar, primero en suscribirse… como ves esto está arrancando. Gracias por venir.
    ¡Bienvenido seas siempre que quieras pasarte! 🙂

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